Life is perfectly imperfect! Your life, your experiences, make you who you are and I want to capture that!

Hello! I'm Abbi - I am the owner and photographer at Abbi Triphan Photography. I am based out of Dubuque, IA.

I do NOT show up looking like prim and polished to your session...I wear old jeans or athletic wear (the better to get dirty in) cuz I get dirty, wet, sandy or just flat out sit in mud. And I am up and down a ladder sometimes... But you will know it's me because I will be the lady with a camera around my neck!

12 years ago I attended the University of Dubuque for Graphic Design. The years have been a growing experience for me and a few years ago, I said good-bye to the conventional approach to photography and started doing my own thing...making pictures more artistic and relationship centered. I am inspired by you...from what you wear to your personality...the pictures that are produced are a reflection and extension of you.

My style is very moody, colorful, fun and emotional...I am inspired by your style, the light and the location, and I will direct you on all three to produce the best photos! I don't take short cuts-I take my time to get to know you, your family, your kids, your fiancé...whoever you are, I want to see it, capture it and give it to you forever to keep.

Every sessions is different, I don't follow a protocol or map out what poses I will do..I feed off of your individualized personality and capture who you are.

Please contact me via email to learn more about sessions and scheduling! You can also message me via facebook: